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LiangDao Intelligence Names the Algorithm Responsible of the World’s First Mass Production LiDAR as CTO


October 1st, 2018, the former algorithm responsible of the world’s one and only “mass production” and “vehicle standard” LiDAR development team, Dr. Shengguang Lei, officially joined in LiangDao Intelligence as our CTO. Dr. Lei  is the expert in LiDAR, computer vision, sensor fusion algorithms, function development and etc. After joining LiangDao Intelligence, Lei will put major efforts in forming up and managing mass production R& D team as well as keeping& controlling the entire product strategies.

LiangDao Intelligence has a Sino-German background, focusing on L3-L4 autonomous driving. LiangDao Intelligence provides LiDAR-based autonomous driving mass produced solutions, we concentrate on the aspects of the adaptive autonomous driving LiDAR algorithm development in China as well as test& validation of perception systems worldwide. Briefly, perception of L3-L4 autonomous driving is what LiangDao Intelligence pays close attention to. Moreover, LiDAR, as the key sensor for autonomous driving, is the pointcut for LiangDao Intelligence.

LiangDao Intelligence started all industry accumulations from 2015 when core members who have relevant autonomous driving R&D experience in famous German OEMs came back to China and started up OuBaiTuo, which is now LiangDao Intelligence, and first introduced on-board LiDAR into China market. Benefited from a full comprehension of LiDAR field and a deep study in Sino- German autonomous driving industry, LiangDao Intelligence will focus on core tech, bringing in safer autonomous driving products together with industry partners. Lei’s commission in LiangDao Intelligence introduces the most indispensable tech R&D and product landing capabilities as well as the accumulation and experience in the aspect of mass production into our team.

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