Four core products prompt the research and development of mass-produced autonomous driving.

1.The intelligent autonomous driving testing and validation services

The intelligent testing & validation service helps achieve the mass production requirements of the environment perception system for autonomous driving during research and development.

2. Engineering service platform for autonomous driving

LiangDao Intelligence provides  a customized solution for the drive-by-wire platform without changing the original design. LiangDao Intelligence offers a drive-by-wire system, which is independent from the original actuator control system and uses ECU to control the functions of brake, steering, throttle, gears, lights, wipers, whistles, etc. The system hardware includes a triple-redundant system and has been certified by the German certification authority TÜV for quality and safety. It has been test driven for 500 million kilometers across multiple countries.

3. Development of LiDAR-based applications for specific scenarios

LiangDao Intelligence is specialized in the development of LiDAR-based applications for specific scenarios with respect to different scenario characteristics and client needs. The entire development procedure follows a standard process to meet the quality and safety requirements of mass production.

4. Accurate localization based on a combination of LiDARs and high-definition maps

LiangDao Intelligence builds digital models of real scenarios based on accurate data collected by LiDARs. By data matching and fusion of digital models with high-resolution maps, it ensures the accuracy of position information obtained by the vehicle.