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Testing & Validation of Perception System

Conception One: The differences between a prototype vehicle and a mass-produced vehicle

Requirements on mass-produced vehicles:

  • To achieve the promised autonomous driving functions.
  • To meet relevant standards and specifications for electronic products in traditional automotive industry.
  • To strictly follow the specific development process using specialized tools and methods.
  • To ensure the additional functional safety requirements including the environment perception system through sufficient testing and validation.

Conception Two: Starting intelligent testing & validation for autonomous driving

This solution is developed for mass production projects of ADAS and autonomous driving products. It promptly offers testing of the sensor algorithm and ensures the release of the client’s products on time.

  • Test Object

    Each sensor of the autonomous driving product and the competence of the perception system.

  • Startup stage

    The prototype vehicle design, sensor selection and preliminary hardware development of sensors are completed.

  • Cooperation

    Provision of testing & validation services, Delivery of perception system products ready for mass production.

Conception Three: Core competences of the intelligent testing & validation services

Five technical capabilities that testing & validation service providers must master including:

  • Construction of hardware system
    for the test vehicle
  • Building of private cloud platform
    for testing & validation purpose
  • LiDAR algorithm development
    and sensor fusion abilities
  • Toolchain development
    for automatic testing & validation
  • Petabyte-level data mining
    and analysis


In a real environment, a reference sensor system is used to validate the sensors under test installed in the vehicle. Through the methods such as SiL/HiL/ViL based on the Ground Truth set, the perception algorithms will be trained and upgraded. The whole process includes vehicle preparation, data collection, data processing, testing & validation execution, and data analysis.
  • This is an integrated solution of hardware, software and services, covering all aspects of testing.
  • This solution offers customized testing plans on demand and quick respond service of professional engineering, algorithm and software teams.

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