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Application of LiDAR as Road Side Unit


The perception ability of the roadside sensors reduces the pressure on on board sensors thus accelerates the safe implementation of autonomous driving.
This solution provides an application of RSU (Road Side Units) based on the new solid-state LiDAR, which works in cooperation with the on board sensors to ensure a safer, more reliable and more economical traffic experience.

  • Target detection and tracking algorithm of LiDAR as RSU (Road Side Unit)
  • Fusion of multi roadside LiDAR detection results
  • Integration of RSU communication and the edge computing cloud

Classic applications

Performance of LiDAR as RSU

Simulation results of perception system using at intersection


  • Adapting a new solid-state LIDAR with better and more reliable performance to achieve uninterrupted operation of Road Side Units.
  • Customized installation in accordance to the commercial application, and quick response service of professional engineering, algorithm and software teams.
  • Achievement of the rocognization and tracking of vehicles, pedestrians and other objects, and the support of the in-depth application development of cooperative On Board perception system.

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